Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy PDHyp can help you to take back control of your weight, with the use of Hypnotherapy to encourage healthy eating, portion control, recognising when you are full etc. in a safe and healthy manner. After a free consultation, he can tailor sessions specifically for you. Call today for more information on Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Harrogate, Yorkshire

woman having achieved weight loss with weight loss hypnotherapy

Why do we over-eat?

There are many reasons why people eat more than the optimal amount needed to maintain a healthy weight. A few (but not all) are listed below;

  • eat according to external influences, not internal hunger signals
  • reward themselves with food
  • eat unconsciously, whilst watching TV, reading etc
  • eat too quickly, as if food is scarce
  • do not realize how much they eat
  • think of dieting as deprivation
  • eat for emotional comfort
  • miss the signals telling them they have had enough
  • must eat everything on their plate

That is by no means an exhaustive list, and none of these should be taken as indicating a stereotypical personality type, as some or all may come into play, or none at all! Some slender people may also have some of those habits, but not to the extent of gaining excess weight.

All those are unconscious habits, along with many other reasons to overeat, and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can help you to change habits. This is not so much about dieting, rather about creating an intelligent relationship with food and making sensible, healthy food choices.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can help you to identify those old wayward habits and thoughts and to change them into a desire for a healthier eating pattern. The good thing is, there is no homework! No monitoring of food intake. You don’t have to do anything, other than relax! Its very pleasant experience.

Many other habits respond well with Hypnotherapy Contact me for more details.