Fears and Phobias

Great results are possible utilising Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias. Martin Lancaster can help you to diminish Fears and Phobias quickly and easily, without having to face the real life stimulus.

Fears and Phobias Relief with Hypnotherapy

young woman having a phobic response fears and phobias

You may be reading this because your life is affected by an irrational fear or phobia. But don’t despair!

Irrational Fears Relief with Hypnotherapy is effective and quick.

It is estimated that nearly 20% of adults suffer from some kind of fear or phobia in the UK. So you’re not alone. Sadly most of them don’t realise how easy it is to gain relief from the problem, in many cases, in a session or two!

Hypnotherapeutic Desensitisation is an excellent tool for eradicating those fears, helping the subconscious to rationalise the fear of the stimulus and thereby easing symptoms.

What is a Phobia?

Phobias are known as an emotional response learned through a difficult life experience. Usually phobias occur when fear produced by a threatening situation is re-lived in similar situations, while the original fear is often forgotten.

The excessive, unreasoning fear of water, for example, may be based on a childhood experience of almost drowning. The individual attempts to avoid that situation in the future. A response that, while reducing anxiety in the short term, reinforces the association of the situation with the onset of anxiety.

The more the individual avoids the situation, the stronger the association with anxiety becomes.

Fears and Phobias can be attached to anything!

A fear may also be attached to seemingly non threatening objects or situations, where the object or situation is associated with some other scary event.

For example, I had a client (I have his permission to write this) who had a fear of buttons. This was traced back to childhood when a small button was trapped temporarily in his nose. The reaction of his alarmed parents rubbed off on him to the extent that he avoided buttons in the future. Quite often, its not the object itself, but the reactions of those people around at the time.

A phobia may also be learned from parent or siblings during childhood.

Social phobias are fears involving other people or social situations such as performance anxiety or fears of embarrassment by scrutiny of others, such as eating in public.

Phobias vary in severity among individuals. Some individuals can simply avoid the subject of their fear and suffer relatively mild anxiety over that fear. Others suffer full-blown panic attacks with all the associated disabling symptoms.

Most phobic individuals understand that they are suffering from an irrational fear, but are powerless to override their panic reaction.

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