Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy

Treating Panic Attacks with Hypnotherapy

With plenty of experience of treating Panic Attacks with Hypnotherapy in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Martin Lancaster PDHyp can help you to gain control of those episodes, thereby diminishing symptoms and eradicate them completely.

Woman having a panic attack in a public place panic attacks hypnotherapy

What are Panic Attacks?

What is a Panic Attack? A Panic Attack is an episode of sudden intense fear or apprehension, often of unknown origin. They typcally begin very quickly, peak at around ten munutes, and subsides usually within thirty minutes. They can be just a few seconds, or can be cyclic, feeding back and last for a more extended period.

The effects can vary enormously. Often during their first episode, people may call the emergency services with the fear of a heart attack.

These reactions may be one of the most intensely frightening and uncomfortable experiences of an individuals life.

The science bit

At the risk of sounding too technical, a panic attack is a consequence of the Sympathetic Nervous System’s “fight or flight” response. Various hormones, but especially Adrenaline then flood into the bloodstream. This is to equip the body with the energy to run away from, or stay and fight, the unconsciously perceived danger.

The symptoms of these hormones surging around the body include shortness of breath, trembling, palpitations, light headedness, chest pain, hyperventilation, sweating etc. These sypmtoms are often interpreted with alarm, increasing anxiety, and forming a positive feedback loop.

Help is at Hand with Hypnotherapy

Panic Attacks are more common than you might think, but help is at hand with Hypnotherapy. It can be used to de-condition the sometimes imperceptible stimulus. As a result, resetting the fear response to one that is more appropriate. The over zealous subconscious guard can be re-trained over a few sessions to accept the stimulus as non threatening.

Many other forms of Anxiety respond well to Hypnotherapy