Hypnotherapy for Worry and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Worry and Anxiety
Worry and Anxiety

Briefly, this is how Hypnotherapy for Worry and Anxiety can help.

Within your mind you have a part which we call the subconscious. This is the part of the mind which runs checks 24/7 on you and your environment in an effort to keep you safe, among many, many other things.

Your subconscious is always on the lookout for potential danger. 

The subconscious will reference any past experiences of dangerous situations to help us avoid them in future.

It does this by creating an anxiety response, in an effort to help us make a quick escape from the situation.

This manifests as an increase in adrenaline and cortisol, the “up and running” hormones.

The part that makes us Human.

Also, within your mind, there is a part called the Executive Function.

Put very simply, this is the part that enables us, as humans, to be able to plan ahead and imagine different future scenarios.

As you know, planning ahead for what we would like to happen is a very useful ability. 

Also useful is the ability to avoid what we don’t want to happen!

In an effort to keep you safe, the subconscious may alert your conscious mind to alternative, less useful imagined scenarios.

This can result in “what if this happens” or “what if that happens” conscious thoughts.

Often, the thoughts will come with a feeling. As the subconscious is the seat of our emotions, it is the emotion of anxiety that drives the thought.

Because the thought is accompanied with the emotion, it feels real. 

Because it “feels’ real, there is a tendency to believe it.

Even though the thought, or “what if..” may be on the very fringe of probability, we tend to go along with it.

After a while, this kind of thought pattern can become habituated, so many future thoughts and planning may be subject to similar patterns.

The result can be an underlying feeling of anxiety about any new situation, or old ones that have had anxiety attached to them previously.

This, obviously, can impact upon our enjoyment of life!

How does Hypnotherapy for Worry and Anxiety help?

Hypnotherapy for Worry and Anxiety can help calm the subconscious and see that the less than useful patterns are not the only game in town, by visualising (and feeling) things going well,

There is always another way of thinking about the scenarios with a more realistic view. “What if” it all goes well?

This doesn’t mean that life will be perfect, of course, but with a calmer viewpoint, we can handle the unexpected more easily.

There is no doubt that life is easier to negotiate when calmer!

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