Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying (Pteromerhanophobia)

A fear of flying is a level of anxiety so great that it prevents a person from travelling by air. It often causes great distress to a person when compelled to travel by air.

An exaggerated fear of flying receives much attention as air travel can be difficult to avoid in a professional context. This can result in undermining career prospects, or preventing travel to holiday destinations.

Flying over Mt Killimanjaro in a small aeroplane fear of flying

Fear of Flying affects many.

It affects a significant minority of the population, possibly as many as one in four of passengers. With many more who avoid flying altogether!

Different individuals may experience different symptoms from varying causes, such as fear of heights, claustrophobia, lack of control etc.

In extreme cases, individuals may experience panic attacks or vomiting at the mere sight or mention of aircraft.

It is likely that the media are a major factor behind a fear of flying. Tending to sensationalise airline crashes with no reference to the vast number of flights that complete their journey safely.

In this way, the media engage “confirmation bias” among those who are fearful. This leaves the impression that air travel is becoming increasingly dangerous, which is untrue.

How can Hypnotherapy help with Fear of Flying?

Uncomfortable or phobic feelings about air travel may have become a “learned” pattern from a previous flight that may have been turbulent or unnerving for any reason, or the result of an active imagination.

Many may suffer a build up of anxiety for weeks or even months before their journey, thereby associating fear and foreboding with flying.

I my experience, it’s a good plan to have a hypnotherapy session to relieve this anticipatory anxiety before it becomes overwhelming, perhaps weeks or months before the flight, and have another session closer to the trip.

Hypnotherapy can help calm down the thoughts and diminish the fear associated to flying.

I have helped many previously fearful clients who now actually enjoy the experience and are able to relax properly on holiday.


Hi Martin

I wanted to give you an update on my recent flight experiences.

It was amazing and I can’t believe the difference. When I first arrived at the airport I wasn’t afraid at all. Even to the point that I could eat and drink in the airport. During the flight I kept concentrating on being 25%, 50% etc. of the way through. It really did work.

My husband could not believe the difference. I was chatting and again ate and drank during the flight. As we were starting our descent, my husband went to the toilet, I actually jumped in his window seat and was taken photos out of the window!

I did worry thinking was I ok because my last session was still so fresh in my mind and thought as I got towards the end of the holiday would I start to get nervous again because we were away for 3 weeks. It didn’t happen!

I can not thank you enough, as you know I have had years of panicking and anxiety.

Many Thanks

Sharon M.

Many other forms of Anxiety respond well with Hypnotherapy