Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Having become a non-smoker with Hypnotherapy, I know it worked for me, and I have since helped many people kick the habit. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy may well work for you!

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Why do people smoke?

It is well known that the great majority of people who chose to smoke began their habit when in early teens, often to fit in with peer groups at school, or influenced by siblings or parents.

I say “chose to smoke” because it is also known that the majority of current smokers, certainly those who are reading this, would not make that decision to smoke if they could choose today.

So, if a person would not make that decision now, why do they continue to indulge?

That decision may have been taken to “fit in” or “look cool” or “mature” within the group, enhancing feelings of self esteem and social acceptance.
Feelings of self esteem are incredibly important as we find our way in the world, especially at such a young age.
The “good feelings” associated with fitting into a peer group are then subconsciously transferred to the action of smoking.

It is Not an Addiction!

Smoking is a habit, just a habit, with a little influence from a very slightly addictive chemical, Nicotine, with a half-life of about one hour. This means that you suffer from the withdrawal effects quite quickly, many people less than an hour. This is where you lose the choice to make changes. The body “craves” the comfort of the status quo of the nicotine. There is a slight “hit” in the early days of smoking, but after a while, you smoke just to be in the same relaxed state that you would have been if you had never smoked in the first place. Does that sound familiar? Smoking “relaxes” you because the withdrawal symptoms cause you stress, alleviated by more smoking, but which is stress you wouldn’t have if you didn’t smoke! A vicious circle.

Any other stresses in your life become involved with the release of stress by the action of smoking, giving the illusion that smoking relieves stress.

Smoke for the sake of it sometimes? Probably! Most smokers do. This is to keep your nicotine levels up. The beast needs feeding!
This may sound scary and insurmountable, but the power of your nicotine habit pales into insignificance compared to the power of your imagination!

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in North Yorkshire

How do you Quit Smoking in North Yorkshire?

Basically, you and I “deconstruct” the behaviour patterns that cause you to want smoke, using your imagination. Sounds spooky? Yes, but it isn’t really! You and tobacco created these behaviour patterns, so, with Hypnosis, you can easily undo them. You are constantly changing your behaviour, either consciously or subconsciously. Maybe you decide to change your routine in the morning. Decide to have a piece of toast rather than cereal. Take a new route to work. You have that choice, and its not usually a problem.

The reduction of nicotine in the bloodstream sets up a minor stress response that causes you to think you need more nicotine to relieve that stress.
In a similar way, if you habitually bite your nails, and had your hands wrapped in bandages so that you were unable to bite them, you may feel the same kind of anxiety as that experienced by a smoker without tobacco, despite there being no chemicals involved.
It is a subconscious habit, and the subconscious wants its reward, which was originally, feelings of self esteem.

How does it Feel?

In the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session, I talk you into a Trance state. This is absolutely nothing to be anxious of, and you will recognise the sensation immediately, as it’s just like those times when you drift away into a day dream. Very, very relaxing. In fact, its one of the most pleasantly relaxing experiences you can have, and a fantastic stress buster, just on its own! Your mind can wonder anywhere it likes. Think of it as a short mental holiday. Some of the time you can be listening, but it is not necessary. I am talking to your subconscious, so it doesn’t matter what your conscious mind does. If you are listening, some of the things I say may seem obvious, but remember, it may not be so obvious to your subconscious. Luckily, it speaks English.

Time to Quit?

If you genuinely want to give up, then your imagination and subconscious mind will switch sides and allow you to. With the help of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, new Neural Pathways are created, which in essence, are new thought patterns, bypassing the old ones.
This is not new age babble, it is a physiological fact.

If you’ve got to this stage in the story, then you are probably motivated enough to be seriously thinking of becoming a non-smoker. However, you maybe;
A) afraid of failing, and/or,
B) afraid of succeeding.

A) You know, and have, the reasons for becoming a non-smoker. You will, if you want to. It is not as hard as you think. Lungs full of fresh clean air become more exhilarating than lungs full of smoke. Think of the buzz of taking back control, breath deep, and feel proud! In a short while, it will seem incredible to you that you ever used to smoke!

B) There is life without fags, people survive very well without them (lets face it, considerably better) and you did at one time too! You were not born with a cigarette hanging from your mouth! Your mind and body are perfectly capable of living without your “crutch”, as it did before you smoked. You will soon recognise this to be true. As above, breath deep and take back control!

You Can Do IT!

So, you don’t need those excuses anymore, Stop Smoking in Harrogate!

I know what its like, as I smoked twenty a day for thirty years. I gave up with Hypnosis, and if I can do it, so you can too. It was so easy!
Having been a smoker and having given up this way, I reckon I have a pretty good idea of how to help you.. Even if I do say so myself!

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Other Habits also respond well to Hypnotherapy, such as Excessive Wine Drinking etc

“What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?” A blog from Psychology Today