Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Help is at hand for Social Anxiety in Yorkshire with Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy PDHyp. Over several sessions you can build up confidence and overcome this difficult issue.

student panicking in front of class having been asked to read out loud social anxiety hypnotherapy

What is Social Anxiety?

Anxiety, apprehension, fear or worry about interactions with others, social situations, or being evaluated or scrutinised by people, whether imaginary or not. It can occur for different reasons at any time of life.

Everyone experiences Social Anxiety at some time in their lives, most notably in early childhood, which most grow out of, but for some persist through to adolesence, or may surface in adulthood. Individuals differ as to how they experience Social Anxiety, and how often. Common forms in adulthood may include Shyness, Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Timidness etc. Many find it difficult to interact with groups of people, for fear that the groups attention may turn to them.

The anticipation of these interactions may cause them to actively avoid such situations, thereby reinforcing the anxiety.Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy

How can Hypnotherapy help Social Anxiety?

There are as many different causes and effects of this issue as there are people on the planet. Most, but not all, sufferers have the anxiety engrained in childhood. One theory is that social anxiety occurs when there is motivation to make a desired impression, along with doubt about having the ability to do so. Sometimes as a result of an embarassing event in childhood.

An example would be reading aloud to others in the classroom andmaking a mistake. Other pupils may laugh in a way that causes anxiety. When asked to do this again, anxiety may have taken hold in an effort to encourage the reader run away from what the subconscious perceives as a frightening situation.

With Hypnotic “rehearsal”, a client can run through future real or imagined performances, whether a speech or just a night out with friends, and feel more relaxed in that imagined scenario. This “trains” the subconscious to accept the event as non-threatening.

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