Stop Vaping with Hypnotherapy

Is now the time to Stop Vaping with Hypnotherapy?

Had enough of those chemicals in those lungs?

I see more and more clients to help them quit vaping.

Not quite as many as for smoking, but its catching up.

Vaping Habit Stop Vaping with Hypnotherapy
Many people start vaping in their teenage years

Vaping is a similar habit to smoking and in many cases, a replacement for it.

Sure, it’s probably not as dangerous, but it is not without its risks and we don’t yet know the long term effects.

The chemicals in some flavours have been proven to be pretty harmful.

Some companies are blatantly (in my opinion) targeting young people with exotic sweet flavours. 

Lets face it,its unlikely such flavours are aimed at hardened cigarette smokers.

A client I had recently described his lungs as feeling “heavy”. Probably a very good description.

Many report an increase in phlegm in their lungs, which obviously decreases capacity. 

Subjecting your lungs to synthetic chemical vapours is surely not optimal for health.

In fact, I suspect, that if you were to walk into a factory with similar vapours in the air, Health and Safety would surely require breathing apparatus!

How do we Stop Vaping with Hypnotherapy?

As with any habit, vaping is driven by the subconscious.

When we feed a habit, the subconscious may reward us with a shot of Dopamine, which is the comfort hormone. This can, very briefly, make us feel calmer. So;

during times of stress, the subconscious will drive us to feed the habit in an effort to calm ourselves.

This does not have to be an active drug like nicotine. Have you ever seen someone sit down after a long day, take a sip of a cup of tea and say ”ah, thats better!”?

Well, the tea hasn’t hit the stomach, so it’s not that. It’s the dopamine generated by the brain. 

The same happens with vaping and smoking. You are not addicted to nicotine. You crave the dopamine.

When you stop vaping (or smoking for that matter) you are likely to experience less stress anyway, as nicotine stresses the system as a stimulant. Also;

Many people find they vape far more than they ever smoked. Even waking in the night and vaping in bed!

Some have a vaporiser more or less glued to their mouths all day and night, because they can. 

How, with Hypnotherapy?

With Hypnotherapy, we can work together to negotiate with the subconscious to let go of the vaping habit and let the lungs regain their rightful health.

Similar, in many ways, to stopping smoking tobacco.

I offer a free consultation to assess your particular habit. I can then estimate how many sessions may be needed.

This is usually between one and three.

The first session can usually be conducted after the consultation.