Needle and Injection Phobia.

Needle and Injection Phobia is the extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles.

Approximately 10% of the population have some degree of this phobia, although it’s hard to get an exact figure. Some people will avoid medical treatment altogether!

There are several varieties of needle phobia.

  • “Vasovagal”, which is thought to be an inherited or inherent condition and is quite common among those with the phobia.
  • “Associative”, which is a classic specific phobia, often from a traumatic or uncomfortable previous medical procedure, or witnessing another person experiencing such.
  • “Resistive”, where the underlying fear is that of being restrained or controlled, often, again, from an unpleasant previous experience.

This Phobia varies in severity among individuals. Some individuals can simply avoid thinking about the subject of their fear and suffer relatively mild anxiety over that fear. Others suffer full-blown panic attacks with all the associated disabling symptoms.

Most needle phobic individuals understand that they are suffering from an irrational or exaggerated fear, but are powerless to override their panic reaction.

Needle and Injection Phobia

How can Hypnotherapy for Needle and Injection Phobia help?

Hypnotherapy for Needle Phobia and Fear of Injections, or other associated medical procedures, is an excellent tool for eradicating those fears. Thereby helping the subconscious to rationalise the fear of the stimulus and thereby easing symptoms.

Many may suffer a build up of anxiety for weeks or even months before a medical procedure, thereby associating fear and foreboding with injections.

I my experience, it’s a good plan to have a hypnotherapy session to relieve this anticipatory anxiety before it becomes overwhelming. This could be some weeks or months before the procedure, and have another session or two closer to the time.

Hypnotherapy can help calm down the thoughts and diminish the fear associated to injections.

I have helped many previously fearful clients who now remain calm during such treatment.

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