Assertiveness Training Hypnotherapy

Assertiveness Training with Hypnotherapy

If you are finding it a little difficult to make your feelings known, whether in a work, family or social environment, Assertiveness Training Hypnotherapy can help you to express yourself in an appropriate manner. Call Martin Lancaster PDHyp

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What is Assertiveness?

Of the three personality types, Passive, Assertive and Aggressive, most people would agree that the desirable trait that they wish to be most dominant in their lives would be Assertive.

To behave assertively does not always mean that people get what they want, but that there is no “unfinished business” and that relationships are adult and mature. The aim is a “win-win” situation consisting of a workable compromise.

People have the right to express their feelings, needs and wants clearly and appropriately.

You have the right to:

  • have needs and wants
  • be respected
  • make mistakes
  • have others respect your rights
  • your own opinions
  • say “yes” or “no’ without feeling guilty
  • ask for what you want
  • be yourself
  • be different from what others expect, or want you to be or do
  • to be assertive

And many more….

How can Assertiveness Training Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety and tension in situations that can lead to a Passive or Aggressive reaction. It can help to change body language, voice and verbal communication.

Self esteem obviously plays a big part in how people react towards others. This can be increased whilst anxiety and tension are reduced to manageable levels.

Visualisations can help the individual to experience events where they would like to behave assertively, but currently behave in a Passive or Aggressive manner, such as job interviews, social events, or life in general.

You can be more Assertive!

Assertiveness training with Hypnotherapy can help you to change, leading to more win-win situations.

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