Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy

Training the Mind with Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy with Martin Lancaster PDHyp can quickly help you rise to new heights in your sports performance.

Virtually all sports can benefit from the use of mental training.

teeing off sports improvement hypnotherapy
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Hypnotherapy for Sport Improvement

Sport Improvement Hypnotherapy can greatly enhance one of the three important factors that influence our performance in any sport, the mental state of the athlete, often the one most commonly overlooked in any training regime, or practice in general. Most people will focus on fitness and technical ability, but often do not take enough time to train for the “Flow”, or mental state. This is crucial to performing without negative thought processes that can sabotage any amount of physical and technique training.

Sports Performance Improvement in Yorkshire

Your mind is incredibly powerful, and it is very important to understand how this can affect any attempt to progress to a higher level in any sport.
It is very easy to allow negative thought processes to be created, which can override more beneficial positive ones.

These negative thoughts can lead to, among other things, anxiety, bad habits, lack of motivation and even physical pain!

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals.

It is possible that you are reading this because you suffer from such negative thoughts right now.
But there are ways that these negative thoughts and emotions can be brought under control.

All thought processes, whether positive or negative, are what we perceive of the world around us.

Sometimes the negative thought processes are a little too strong for our own good, and tend to take over when we need them least.

Athletes and sports people in general are prone to negative influences on a regular basis, no matter how good at their given sport they are. You are probably familiar with them!

These negative thought processes can all too easily become dominant, causing a drop in confidence and performance.
Most sports people will recognise that a bad result will affect consequent performances. But this does not have to be so!

With the help of Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy, the mind can be “trained” to accept positive thought processes before, and after, it allows negative ones to become too influential. This can give the athlete the necessary confidence to help to achieve the outcome they desire.

As everyone has differing needs and varied issues that need addressing, I believe a “custom” approach is the way to really get to grips with the thought processes facing athletes and sports people, just as a custom physical training regime that addresses our personal physical needs is preferable to a “cover-all” program.

Some of the benefits that Hypnotherapeutic mind training can help realise are;

  • More focus
  • Improve mental toughness
  • Increase motivation
  • Lessen hesitation
  • Block psychological interference (other competitors etc)
  • Lessen start line nervousness
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reframe unwanted previous results into positive corrections to be learnt from
  • And many more…..

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