Excessive Wine Hypnotherapy

Excessive wine drinking often starts as a seemingly harmless habit, but can soon sneak up and take over your evenings, leaving you less able to function at your best. Excessive Wine Hypnotherapy for wine, or any other alcoholic beverage, can help you to break out of the cycle and control drinking. Learn how to relax without resorting to the bottle.

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How much is too much wine?

You probably already know this and I’m certainly not trying to preach, but UK alcohol guidelines recommend no more than three units per day for men, and two units per day for women.

In terms of wine, that’s two or three glasses. What isn’t generally known, is that the wine measured for these guidelines is only 8% alcohol. Most wine nowadays is between 12% and 14%. Much stronger than that stated in the guidelines. The glass is measured at 125ml. That’s a small glass! It is very easy to accidentally step over these measurements with the stronger wine and bigger glasses used by most people. Many people drink two or three glasses per night, thinking they are within the guidelines. When measured correctly, they could be consuming two thirds of a bottle of strong wine, sometimes unwittingly.

That amount daily is more than enough to cause some serious damage to the body and brain. It can impair function within their daily lives, quite apart from the 500 or so extra calories consumed. Most Physicians would consider that to be excessive wine drinking. Some, if they ask themselves honestly, may drink considerably more than that. Even so, it can still be considered a habit, rather an addiction. They may be able to forget about drinking wine for a few nights if their circumstances are temporarily different, and not miss it.

How can Hypnotherapy help to Control Excessive Wine Drinking?

Most people know about the damaging effects of too much wine, or any other type of alcohol. But sometimes just “knowing” isn’t always enough. As with most habits, the lure of excessive wine drinking is about the “present moment”, and the future less desirable effects fade from consciousness. Many people need a ritual to relax, or escape for a while, after a stressful day. One or two small glasses can certainly help people to relax, and is known to be healthy, but when it exceeds that, it can actually cause more stress in the longer term, which is easily forgotten at the time.

Alcohol in general can be quite “psychotropic” and can lead to stress and anxiety the next day. It may be that some need more wine to undo the stress caused by the wine in the first place! Your subconscious though, knows how to look after you. With help, it can let you know when your body and brain have had enough for one night. It helps to continue that relaxation naturally and healthily. When you leave excessive wine drinking behind, you will undoubtedly become fitter and think more clearly. You’ll able to handle those ups and downs of daily life more easily.

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