Office Reopening

In line with Government guidance, I am now able to reopen my office to clients for Hypnotherapy services.

Therapists operating in the field of mental health are now exempt from closure.

I have implemented the following processes to ensure the safety of my clients.

All clients contacting me for an appointment are initially triaged over the telephone to establish their status.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home.

Online services are available. 

Anyone self-isolating, living with someone with symptoms/ self-isolating, or who has been in contact with anyone with or suspected to have COVID-19 must stay away from the office.

A strict cleaning, sanitation, infection control protocol is adhered to.

All clients and myself will adhere to government social distancing guidance. 

Only one client will be allowed in the building at a time, unless members of the same household.

A half hour gap will be observed between clients to enable cleaning and disinfecting of contact surfaces such as doorhandles, chairs etc.

During consultation and treatment, a gap of at least two metres between myself and client will be in operation.

I will continue to follow any new government guidance as and when available.

I hope this information gives you the confidence to be able to book your Hypnotherapy treatment in the knowledge that all consultations and sessions will be conducted safely.

Contact me for more information, or to book a free consultation.